As a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Colombia who came to this country LEGALLY, I believe we need to improve our border security before undertaking any comprehensive immigration reform.

After we secure our borders, I support a path to citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants, only if they serve in the armed forces or graduate from college.

Health Care

As the owner and manager of healthcare facilities in Southern Colorado, I have witnessed –firsthand-- the disastrous effects Obamacare has had on this vital industry and I know why we need to repeal this mandate.

As the wife and mother of medical doctors, I know how Obamacare has devastated this once noble profession.

Our communities have suffered because of the regulatory handcuffs President Obama has put on our doctors and the medical community through Obamacare.

Federal Gov’t Overreach

Federal regulations, once issued, are rarely revisited and even more rarely actually repealed—and, sadly, Obama’s regulations are no exception. I will fight for less regulation at the national-level for Colorado residents.

I believe reducing government regulations helps to spur the economy.


With a degree in Microbiology and 20+ years of experience with Colorado water issues, I will advocate for more funds and smarter water policies to help preserve this valuable resource of ours.

Economic Development

Not only as a private business owner, but also as the former Economic Development Representative for Southeastern Colorado for Governor Owens, I know what it takes to create jobs and how to build the ecosystem to grow our economy.