Key Endorsements From All 4 Corners of Colorado

"Vera has done an outstanding job representing the needs and concerns of our state in her leadership role with Republican National Committee," said Senator Gardner. "I fully endorse Vera continuing to represent Coloradans as RNC Committeewoman for Colorado and continuing to fight for the conservative ideals we all hold."
U.S. Senator Cory Gardner

“Vera has done an outstanding job representing the needs and concerns of our state in her leadership role with Republican National Committee…I fully endorse Vera continuing to represent Coloradans as RNC Committeewoman for Colorado and continuing to fight for the conservative ideals we all hold.”

Cory Gardner, U.S. Senator (CO)

“I am proud to endorse Vera Ortegon as our Republican National Committeewoman for Colorado because I have personally seen her work tirelessly to represent our conservative principles on a national level. She is consistently keeping Republicans throughout the state informed and engaged on national issues. Please join me in supporting Vera for Republican National Committeewoman.”

Rose Pugliese, Mesa County Commissioner and "Leader of the National Popular Vote repeal effort in Colorado,” Grand Junction/Mesa County

“Holly and I have worked with Vera Ortegon to elect Republicans since the 1990s. Vera is dedicated to our cause and has served us well as our National Committeewoman.”

Wayne Williams, Colorado’s 38th Secretary of State, Colorado Springs/El Paso County

“Vera Ortegon has been a dynamic leader in the Colorado Republican Party for years. Vera’s political and business experience is invaluable in helping the GOP navigate this complex political environment. Born and raised in Colombia, she immigrated to the US and became a citizen in 1977. Her love for America (and Colorado) is apparent in all she does, I strongly endorse Vera for National Committeewoman!”

Heidi Ganahl, CU Board of Regents

“Vera has served Colorado Republicans admirably as our National Committeewoman for the past 4 years, and I believe she will continue to do so for the next 4 years. As such, I happily and fully endorse Vera’s re-election bid to represent Coloradans as our next RNC Committeewoman for Colorado.”

John Suthers, Mayor of Colorado Springs and Colorado’s 37th Attorney General, Colorado Springs/El Paso County

“I wholeheartedly endorse Vera Ortegon to continue representing Coloradans as RNC Committeewoman. Vera has done a fantastic job representing us, when running for the first time she promised to keep Colorado Republicans informed with what was happening at the RNC and has done exactly that. Since moving to Colorado and becoming involved in Republican politics, I have never been as well informed on RNC happenings as I have been with Vera. I look forward to receiving her regular newsletters.”

Barbara Piper, President Douglas County Republican Women and first VP Colorado Federation of Republican Women, Douglas County

“Vera is a tireless worker for the Republican Party and our conservative values. She has followed through on representing us well, while serving as a Colorado member to the Republican National Committee. I’m proud to endorse Vera Ortegon.”

Scott Tipton, US Congressman (CO-3), Western Slope

“I would strongly endorse and encourage a vote for Vera Ortegon for National Committeewoman to continue the tremendous job she has done for the people of Colorado on a national level. She has relayed our values, beliefs, and our positions extremely well. As a small business owner, she understands our needs and values and how important these will be in the pressing times ahead. A true Lady which will advance our calling.”

Larry Crowder- CO State Senator (D-35)- Alamosa County

April 13, 2020

Dear Colorado Delegate:

When I first ran for National Committeewoman I promised that if elected, I would write a report after each meeting. I recognized communicating what the Republican National Committee (RNC) and your committee-people were doing for you was not only necessary but never done before. This is why I have yet to miss a meeting, and have sent a thorough report out to you after each one (See, reports here). Promises made; promises kept. And, I reaffirm that commitment to you today. 

As such, I ask for your vote as your National Committeewoman! If you want to learn more about who I am, please visit

I also want to highlight some of my key accomplishments achieved in the last 4 years as your National Committeewoman:

  • Colorado Co-Chair for Initiative 76 Colorado. This initiative seeks to ban noncitizens from voting in Colorado elections, and will be on the 2020 ballot. Please vote for this measure and remember,  “One citizen, one vote.”
  • Colorado Chair of the “Mighty American Strike Force.” This is a movement to add extra volunteers, data, and resources on the ground for the 2020 elections by working with Red States to send more boots to swing states, like Colorado. 
  • Worked with the RNC to deploy over 19 field directors to Colorado to win 2020 for President Trump, Senator Gardner, and to win back the U.S House.  
  • Given numerous community presentations and discussions with Colorado residents in most of the 64 counties in Colorado.
  • Spoke as a “deplorable” at President Trump rally held in Pueblo for Southern Colorado. Pueblo County and Southern Colorado voted for Donald Trump in 2016. We need to do it again!
  • A frequent guest and subject matter contributor at the White House representing Colorado at various meetings with high-level White House staff, including President Trump.
  • Represented Colorado on a five-member US delegation sent to Taiwan to meet with President Tsai and her cabinet.
  • Represented Colorado on a ten-member US delegation sent to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, US Ambassador Friedman, and visit the newly moved embassy in Jerusalem.
  • Member of the RNC Committee on Arrangements that is responsible for the planning and logistics for the 2020 Presidential National Convention in Charlotte, NC.
  • A frequent television guest on Telemundo to speak on the topic-of-the-day and debates analysis. 
    • I am authorized to speak on behalf of the RNC, President Trump, Colorado Republicans, and the then-gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton. 

I am always ready, willing, and excited to represent Colorado, the United States, the Constitution, our flag, and the conservative values that are so special to our country.

Yet again, I ask for your vote so I can continue representing you and Colorado at the RNC.

               Respectfully submitted, 

                Vera Ortegon

                Republican National Committeewoman-CO

April 5, 2020


In order for someone to get officially nominated for the Republican National Committeewoman position and placed on the ballot, there are procedures that must occur. Namely, someone must make the motion to nominate, which must then be seconded by another.

I am happy to inform you these steps have been accomplished and I am now officially nominated for your consideration to continue representing you in front of the Republican National Committee (RNC) as your National Committeewoman. As such, I respectfully ask for your vote.

Here was the process for me, and the very thoughtful comments from some of our great leaders in our state.

Motion made by Marla Reichert, Chairman, Pueblo County Republican Party

To the Delegates of the 2020 Colorado Republican Assembly & Convention;

Most of you know Vera Ortegon as our wonderful National Committeewoman through her consistent informative reports after each RNC meeting. I am fortunate to know her in a little different way. Vera lives in Pueblo and she works tirelessly, side by side with our volunteers. She makes phone calls, participates in our events, and is always among the first to ask “how can I help”. She is the kind of leader who rolls up her sleeves and gets to work. She leads by example. 

Vera is a Colombian-born proud US citizen, a microbiologist, a small business owner, a former city councilwoman, and was selected as Mike Kopp’s running mate and candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  She is a rock solid Republican and a proud Trump supporter. 

Vera Ortegon has done an outstanding job as our National Committeewoman. She serves us well and her experience gives Colorado a strong voice and a powerful seat at the table. 

It is my honor to nominate Vera Ortegon for National Committeewoman.


               Marla Reichert


               Pueblo County Republican Party

2nd made by Wayne Williams, Colorado’s 38th Secretary of State

Holly and I have worked with Vera Ortegon to elect Republicans since the 1990s. Vera is dedicated to our cause and has served us well as our National Committeewoman.

I am honored to second the nomination of Vera Ortegon for National Committeewoman.

2nd made by Brenda Bright,

To whom it may concern:

I have proudly known Vera Ortegon for many years and have known her to always be a woman

of her word. When she promised to keep us informed as to what goes on at the meetings she

attends in our name, she kept that promise. When she promised to serve with dignity, honor, and respect of those who sent her to do the job, she kept that promise.

For Vera it is all about the strength of the Republican Party and her willingness to do whatever it

takes to keep it both strong and viable. She embodies the ‘what can I do, how can I help’

philosophy that identifies a strong leader. Although she respects the traditions of the past, she

embraces the changes the future will bring. Building relationships, finding common ground

among diverse groups, and being a facilitator for change while keeping true to the traditions of

the past makes Vera the candidate of choice for Colorado’s National Committee Woman.

I believe Vera Ortegon is the best situated and most knowledgeable choice to lead as the

National Committee Woman during the coming term. To that end, I would like to second the

nomination of Vera Ortegon as a candidate for Colorado’s National Committee Woman.

               Respectfully submitted,

               Brenda Bright

January 09, 2020

Dear Colorado Republicans:

Happy New Year! It is the time for new resolutions, new dreams, new hopes, and new announcements! And in that spirit, I am announcing my intent to run a re-election campaign to be your National Committeewoman to the Republican National Committee (RNC) for another four years. 

Four years ago, I made you a promise to create and distribute a report after each RNC meeting, with the intention to keep you -my constituents- informed regarding what the “Board of the Republican Party” was doing at the national level. And I did. Please visit to see these reports and get informed on what our party is doing for you.

Promise made; promise kept. 

Four years ago, I made you another promise to represent you -Colorado Republicans- in front of the RNC and to be an advocate for your ideas and concerns in Washington, D.C. And I did. I attended every RNC meeting since my election. Yet more importantly, I did so fully briefed and informed on the key issues from our great state, and was not afraid to use my voice at these meetings. In fact, due to my active engagement with the RNC, I was appointed by our Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to the powerful Committee on Arrangements; which is tasked with hosting the 2020 Presidential National Convention.    

Promise made; promise kept. 

In the four years since you voted me into this prestigious position, I worked hard to fight for my Colorado Republican family, and if given the opportunity, I will continue to work hard for you and continue to keep the promises I make to you. 

We will be voting for this position at the State Assembly on April 18, 2020, and I hope I can earn your vote, again. 

It truly has been an honor to represent you in front of the RNC, and I will be reaching out to you to hear your ideas. 

Respectfully submitted,

Vera Ortegon