A Committeewoman for Colorado.

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Distinguished Service, a Trusted Representative.

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A proven track record.

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Who is Vera Ortegon?

Vera Ortegon is a Colombian-born microbiologist, a small-business owner, a mother, a former city councilwoman, and "die-hard Republican." "As a Latina, I can't tell you how proud I was of this country…when I saw a Latino, Marco Rubio, introduce the Republican nominee for president," Ortegon told the audience, before adding a quick jab at Michelle Obama "That was not the first time I was proud of my country!"

Why National Committeewoman?

Why did I run for national committeewoman for Colorado? The Colorado state chair, national committeeman and national committeewoman each receive one vote at RNC meetings and votes for RNC Chairmanship. I am committed to representing the values, beliefs and positions of Colorado Republicans at the national level, and thank you for your trust and support!

What's My Stance on the Issues?

On HEALTHCARE: As the owner and manager of healthcare facilities in Southern Colorado, I have witnessed –firsthand-- the disastrous effects Obamacare has had on this vital industry and I know why we need to repeal this mandate. As the wife and mother of medical doctors, I know how Obamacare has devastated this once noble profession.

Years of Public Service
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Why I ran for National Committeewoman?

As a small business owner and an active member of my community, I am gravely concerned about the direction our country is currently heading.  But more importantly, I am very worried about how the federal government seems to be ignoring our local and state needs.  States do not have the voice they once had.  Local citizens do not have the voice they once did.

I will work hard with the new administration to change this broken system, and this is why I am proud to be your National Committeewoman. 

I will represent the great state of Colorado at the national level, and I will fight for Colorado concerns and needs.  Issues important to Colorado need to be heard in Washington D.C. 

  • They need to hear how overbearing regulations hurt our small businesses.
  • They need to hear why securing our borders is important to Colorado residents.
  • They need to hear how water is an incredibly valuable resource that needs to be protected.
  • They need to hear how Obamacare is crippling our healthcare industry.
  • They need to hear why jobs and growing the economy is the solution to society’s problems. Not more government intervention.   

I will be that voice, that fighter, for our state. For us.  For you. 

Thank you so much for your support! 

As a resident of Pueblo for the last 42 years, Ms. Ortegon has been an active community supporter and local business owner. She also manages a health care corporation with six medical providers and two locations in Pueblo. Vera serves – and has served on numerous boards: Action 22, Economic Council of Colorado, Planning and Zoning Commission, Southern Colorado Community Foundation, Citizens Advisory Committee to the Pueblo Chemical Depot, Women Economic Council of Colorado, St. John Neumann Catholic School, Historic Arkansas River Project (HARP) Authority, Welfare Director Screening Committee, Children’s Museum – Education Committee, Rocky Mountain Center for Healthcare Ethics, Fountain Valley School, and the 2010 Commission – Economic Development Committee.

Vera’s experience and dedication to Colorado make her the ideal National Committeewoman for Colorado – Thank you for your support!

“Ortegon certainly has left her imprint on the city. She helped defeat the 2009 ballot issue to install a strong mayor form of government in Pueblo.”

Pueblo Cheiftain

"Vera Ortegon: Weather tough times."

“She was instrumental in persuading council to reappraise the new Municipal Justice Center during its design, a step that cut the final cost to $20 million from more than $30 million.”

Pueblo Cheiftain

"Vera Ortegon: Weather tough times."

“I want to help the city weather these tough economic times,” she said. “I’ve worked closely with the administration in keeping down our costs without cutting services during this recession. I’m good with numbers. I study the issues. I do my homework and I always answer my telephone.”

Pueblo Cheiftain

"Vera Ortegon: Weather tough times."